Everyone can attend Kendall Cross

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Why not?

Kendall Cross now open to everyone for free

Ok, you talked us into it. The FREE Kendall Cross Clinic on November 7th no longer has an AAU card requirement either. All clubs welcome, all kids welcome, all schools welcome regardless of affiliation. Why? Because we can’t keep all this Olympic awesomeness just for ourselves. The Cozart Clinic last weekend was a huge success and when we see kids wanting to get better at wrestling, we don’t want it to stop.  It is also the last weekend before high school competition starts so send your entire team. All ages welcome.  Bring a friend. In fact, bring several. No fee and no registration required. Just show up and get better.

This is how we grow wrestling.

Vicious Wrestling Academy
2244 North Road
Gardendale, AL 35071
November 7, 2015 – 9am to 12pm
AWO youth tournament to follow at 1pm.

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