AYWO 2017-2018 Youth Tournament Schedule

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2017-2018 SEASON

Date Tournament Name Location Host
11-Nov AYWO-AAU Minuteman Invitational Patriot Wrestling Bob Jones HS
18-Nov AYWO-AAU Alabama Youth Duals Warrior Thompson HS
2-Dec AYWO-AAU Warrior Clash (GS1) ** Warrior Thompson HS
9-Dec AYWO-AAU Madison Dog Fight (GS2) ** James Clemens JCHS
16-Dec AYWO-AAU Hayden Invitational Hayden WC Hayden, AL
30-Dec AYWO-AAU Arab Invitational Arab Youth WC Arab, AL
6-Jan AYWO-AAU Rumble in the Jungle (GS3) ** Hartselle Youth Hartselle HS
13-Jan AYWO-AAU 2nd Annual Wildcat Warzone Hayden Youth Hayden HS
15-Jan (Mon) AYWO-AAU Tiger Invitational Tiger Youth Grissom HS
20-Jan AYWO-AAU Athens Gladiator (GS4) ** DQ Style Athens HS
27-Jan AYWO-North Region Championship Madison County MCHS
AYWO-South Region Championship NAWA Southside, AL
3-Feb AYWO-AAU State Championship ** Vestavia Youth Vestavia HS

** Proposed tournaments to showcase the TOURNAMENT TRUCK for the upcoming 2017-18 AYWO Youth Season.

Gladiator Series Awards (GS#)              

GS1      Thor’s Hammer               GS2      Gladiator Sword

GS3      Gladiator Helmet             GS4      Gladiator Shield

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