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Finally! Wrestling season is starting this Saturday!  I thought it would never get here. We had a blast the last few weeks with Coach Cozart and Kendall Cross and now were ready to starting putting those skills we learned to use.

We are going to kick off the season with our most popular and fun event, the Alabama Kids Duals.  This event is different than most of our youth tournaments.  We will divide all the wrestlers into random teams with one wrestler per weight class. Each team will receive and wear the same color t-shirts. The teams will compete against each other to see who has the best team just like a high school dual tournament. Medals will be awarded to the top teams.  This is a great event that gets kids cheering for their teammates. This event does not count toward seeding in the Youth State Championship so let’s go have fun.

Important notes:

  • You MUST register in advance so we can build the teams.
  • You do not sign up on TrackWrestling for this event.  Instead, register here.
  • All wrestlers must have a current AAU Athletes Card to participate.
  • ALL COACHES must have an AAU Coaches Card and have completed the free CDC Online Concussion Training to be allowed on the mat this year. The Coaches Card (Non-Athletes Card) requires a background check so do not wait until the last minute. The concussion training only takes a few minutes to complete online. We recommend keeping a copy of your coaches cards, athletes cards, and concussion certificates on your phone which we will check at the door. Don’t get mad if you do not complete this and you are not allowed to coach this week. Our athletes safety comes first!
  • Satellite weigh-ins WILL be accepted for all age groups for this week only. Weigh-in Thursday at practice and get the weigh-in sheets submitted by noon on Friday. Starting next week only 6U an 8U will be allowed to use Satellite weigh-ins.

Alabama Kids DualsThompson High School
100 Warrior Dr.Alabaster AL 35007

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Please note that wrestlers will need their AAU Card and must pre-register by selecting the registration link above. The tournament Fee ($17) is also paid online.  This tournament is a Duals based format, meaning that wrestler’s will be randomly assigned to a wrestling team. Each wrestler will only wrestle for one team.  Each team will wrestle against other teams created from the registrants for this tournament.  This tournament WILL NOT count toward seeding for the Youth State Tournament nor will it be available on track wrestling.  It will be held on Saturday, November 14 at Thompson High School.  Satellite weigh-ins will still be required.  Every participant will receive an Alabama Kids Duals shirt for his/her entry fee.  Wrestling will begin around 9:00 AM and end around 5:00 PM.  Any wrestler who fails to pre-register will not be able to compete in the tournament.  Registration will be first come – first serve as we are limited to 8 teams

There will be NO manual registrations allowed on Tournament Saturday.

Registration DEADLINE: Friday November 13th at noon.

Pre-Register Now! (Register Here)


NOTE: Make sure the wrestlers are grouped by age division on weigh in sheet.We encourage and fully expect our coaches and club representatives to demonstrate integrity in the weigh-in process. Each Club will weigh in their wrestlers on Thursday night after practice or by Friday before the 12:00 pm deadline. The Wrestler’s weight will be written on his left arm by a coach or club representative. The coach will then email the official weigh-in document (excel format) to the Tournament Host and Tournament Director by the 12:00 pm deadline on Friday. The Tournament Host and Tournament Director will match the Club Weigh-in Document to the Pre-Registration Data to ensure all wrestlers are in the correct bracket. Note: Please review the AAU policy on satellite weigh-in as well as the rules pertaining to growth allowance and challenge procedures.

Alabama Kids Duals Host: jeffwilliamsva@yahoo.comTournament Director

Contact:Any questions and/or concerns related to the tournament set up and/or AAU tournament standards, policies and procedures should be directed to the Host:Jeff Williams or 850.621.3014


Coaches must maintain a visible AAU Card  and have completed the mandatory online concussion training to be allowed on the mats.Only two coaches are allowed in the corner during a match.

Saturday November 14th Wrestling Schedule

Wrestling will begin around 9:00 AM and end around 5:00 PM

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