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Letter From The Director

March 30, 2015

Can you believe that only six months has transpired since the inception of the Alabama Wrestling Organization? I know that it’s amazed me. The strength of competition, excellence in tournament facilitation, and depth of leadership and professionalism combined to provide the experience of a seasoned organization with decades of successful collaboration.

Although it would be impossible to list everyone’s contributions toward our success, as founding director of AWO, I am privileged to have the opportunity to extend deep appreciation toward three distinct groups who made this inaugural AAU wrestling season such a huge success and to encourage you with a look toward what is certainly a bright future in AAU-AWO.

First and foremost, I want to thank our AWO clubs, coaches, and parents who allowed us the privilege of walking alongside you this year in your endeavors to build great wrestlers and better young men. Your participation and commitment made this a banner year of incredible success.

Secondly, I want to highlight, with gratitude, what is obvious to all – the creativity, innovation, generosity, and servant-leadership exhibited by our AWO Directors. They have been tireless in their enthusiasm and work ethic over the past several months. It is a true pleasure to work beside them.

Thirdly, much appreciation needs to be directed to Mr. Darrel Lauderdale and the AAU leadership who provide oversight and direction over the AAU Southeast District comprised by the states of Alabama and Tennessee. We simply could not have made this season happen without the direction, sacrifice, support, and commitment that we received from all involved.

OUR VISION AT AWO is walk alongside parents and coaches of young wrestlers in an effort to equip and empower you, your athletes, and your clubs in growing in the great sport of wrestling.

To accomplish this vision, our initial focus is directed toward developing Kindergarten through 8th Grade age wrestlers.

All we do is designed to re-invest in our youth and the clubs that comprise AAU-AWO:

  1. tournament schedule
  2. camps & clinics
  3. travel teams
  4. regional & national competitions
  5. joint efforts with AAU-TN

In this way, we are always building on our strength from a position of strength.

Your comments, input, and ideas for improvements are coveted and anticipated. Visit the AWO Website often, as there are a lot of exciting events scheduled for the offseason and on into the fall.

Again, thank you for the honor of being connected to such a wonderful group of people and the fantastic new organization that is AAU-AWO.


Ken Clark
Director of AWO

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