Match Nights

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Match Nights

Spring 2015

AWO is pleased to present weeknight Match Nights to be held at various locations this Spring. Our first Match Night will be next Thursday March 12 at Vestavia Wrestling Club.

All it costs is $5 and requires you to bring an AAU Membership Card which is only $14 per year.  All ages welcome.  Payment will be accepted at the door. If you are a club interested in hosting a Match Night, please email Don Korn or call at 205-532-0722.

Although not required, you can sign-up in advance at the event page to help make Match Night run more efficiently.  We will create matchups based on age, weight, and skill level and kids and coaches can also make their own matches at the event time permitting.  You will be able to choose your wrestling style at the time of the match: Folkstyle, Freestyle, or Greco.

To view the most updated schedule and venue information, go to the AWO Events Page.

Currently scheduled Match Nights with more on the way:

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