We did it again!

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We did it again!

AWO sets a new standard for State Championships

Not only do we have the best run tournaments in the state week after week, we constantly think outside of the box to make your tournament experience more enjoyable. Our Rudis Outstanding Wrestler Swords were a tremendous hit and if you didn’t get one last time, you will see those again in the future. Those were pretty sweet, but that got us thinking… What can we possibly do to take the State Championship awards to the next level?  We were all gathered in the AWO War Room brainstorming when suddenly someone said,

What if we gave customized singlets to the Outstanding Wrestlers?

We were suddenly on to something. Excitement was filling the room. Then someone said,

What if we gave customized singlets to every champion in every weight class?

The room was momentarily stunned.

Can we do that??”  

We had already pushed the envelope this far why not see how far we can take it, so finally someone blurted out,

What if we gave singlets to both of the finalists in every age group and every weight class and they will wrestle in them during the finals?”  

That was it!  That was the master stroke of genius that would change State Championships in this state forever.


How do I get one of these?????

AWO State Championship Qualifications

  • Be a resident of Alabama
  • Possess a valid AAU membership card
  • Compete in at least one AWO tournament prior to State

If you have not yet competed in one of our tournaments and want to win one of these sick singlets, make sure you get your one tournament in before State.


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